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Buy cod online from the UK's leading fishmonger

Buy Cod online from a traditional town centre fishmonger, The Smelly Alley Fish Company. 

Order cod to suit you – fillets, loins and saddles, and steaks. If you don’t like skin on your cod, order skinless! This is fresh Cornish Cod which we cut from whole fish. It’s not skinny supermarket cod, it is thick, prime fish.

Check out our cod recipes.

Order now from a real traditional fishmonger

Cod has always been popular in the UK. It’s only rival in the popularity stakes is haddock, but there is a bit of a north-south divide – cod, south, haddock, north, especially where fish and chips are concerned.

But wherever you live, you won’t get better cod than this. It’s from Cornwall, one of those great Cornish fish.

It’s not a fish to mess about with – the great delicate flavour speaks for itself. Cook simply, baked or fried, and you must know it as an essential ingredient of fish and chips. Home made fish and chips is easy, especially if you use oven chips!

Visit us in the town centre to buyfresh fish if you live in the Reading area – or contact us to speak to the friendly fishmongers!

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