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Fresh Cornish monkfish

Lophius piscatorius

monk, monkfish or anglerfish

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Monkfish is also known as angler or anglerfish.

It is a very ugly fish, with a head that is half of its weight, but the flesh is great, firm, meaty and with a similar taste to langoustines. That’s why it was used as a cheap scampi substitute before chefs began to realise how good it was. Don't worry, you won't be getting the fish shown in the photo, all that is sold is the skinned tail!

As fish dishes go, it is one of the best, often baked, frequently wrapped in prosciutto. It is robust enough to be roasted with a black pepper coating as well. Check out our RECIPES FOR MONKFISH..

Don’t confuse our monkfish with monkfish from Australia or New Zealand, which is bony and tasteless, and offered for sale in supermarkets as “monkfish". Ours is prime fresh monkfish from Cornwall.

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