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What an opened crab looks like

If you order one of our crabs that we've opened, you'll get several advantages.

We'll be able to see how full of meat the crab is (not always possible when we send a whole, unopened crab), and you'll have less work.

There is still some work to be done, as we don't remove all the meat, you will have to pick it yourself, but there won't be any need to use claw crackers, or to break open the body yourself. A set of our seafood tools would come in useful, and if you really don't want any work, order a dressed crab or white crab meat, or brown crab meat

You'll see what you'll get if you order an opened crab if you scroll down.

This is what your opened crab will look like, pretty much the same as an unopened crab, but the large claws will be cracked. It is opened, but we've put it back together for you.
When you get your crab, just lift the shell off and you'll see it's ready for the brown meat to be scooped out (dotted area). Use a teaspoon to get all the brown meat out. The orange parts are the roe, considered a delicacy by some.
When you've lifted the shell off, this is what you will see. There is more brown meat in this section, lift it out with the handle of a small teaspoon. We've cracked the big claws so you can get the white meat out, the handle of the teaspoon will come in handy again. The smallest claws can be cracked with the back of a large knife (be careful!) and if you're not too posh you can suck the meat out. Too nice to waste!
There are seafood tools to order if you want to look more sophisticated!
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